Illuminati Debunked

Youtube user Hochdorff’s video series on the factual history of the Bavarian Illuminati. According to Hochdorff, this series is intended to dispel “the myth around the Order of the Illuminati and their alledged plan to establish a New World Order (NWO). It shows who the Illuminati are, what the Order of the Illuminati is and what it is not.”

Thanks to Joe from the Skeptic Project for bringing this series to my attention.


4 thoughts on “Illuminati Debunked

  1. Yet this only shows information on the group that named themselves the Illuminati. What about the practitioners of Illuminism today?

  2. Interesting, so based on your current data and knowledge, could a person be a practitionaer of both Illuminatism and Illuminism? Also, do you think that Weishaupt originally intended to go the path of Illuminism, but due to the times and how things were run, he may have got veered off course? I’ve studied the many men they’ve said were part of the Illuminati, and the one dominate thing that I’ve seen that they had in common was that they each had something that set them apart from the average person. Do you think they all may have had that form of enlightenment which affected their lives? I find your blogs to be intriguing to say the least.

  3. Alyk, every time I learn something new about them, I find myself completely having to revise my understanding of them. They were not an occult or esoteric order, like the Rosicrucians or the Golden Dawn. In fact, they undertook great efforts to discredit the Rosicrucians as charlatans. Weishaupt frowned on these practices, but was very interested in mesmerism; he also ended up translating Court de Gebelin, best known for his work on the Tarot, later in his life. Knigge decried the Rosicrucians in his pamphlet, but later retracted his disdain for them.

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