Spying Games

Candidates to the higher degrees in the Illuminati were forced to subject themselves to having every aspect of their lives scrutinized by their superiors. This scrutiny involved not only the candidate’s moral character, social standing, education, and skill set, but also his tone of voice, physical health, manner or dressing and even his sleeping habits.

Knigge wrote in Philo’s Reply,

Several thousand questions were raised by which the inner and outer character of man was to be researched. By comparing all these character traits, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant ones, the most wonderful general anthropological results could be obtained, and gradually a certain semiotic of the soul could be developed. Furthermore, the work of this degree was mostly to investigate in these assemblies the finer character nuances of the lesser Illuminati according to these questions.  (page 68)

These questionnaires were compiled in two documents totaling over 5000 words, the equivalent of more than 20 single-spaced, typewritten pages. They can be found in Faber’s Der aechte Illuminat, written in 1788.

Terry Melanson has written in Perfectibilists that the “Scrutators” embarked on elaborated fact-finding missions, going as far as following their prey into his bedroom. Elaborate character profiles were created from these endeavors.

At this point, I am not sure, if any of these profiles survive to the present day, or if they were all destroyed when the Illuminati burned the many of their documents during their persecution.


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