Jeva Singh-AnandAfter completing my Professional Year program for Secondary English Education at the University of Pittsburgh in 1992, I taught English and art at Inarajan High School in the US Territory of Guam. Returning to the US Mainland, I accepted a teaching position at the Chamberlain Academy in South Dakota. In 1996, I enrolled at the University of South Dakota, and my thesis Weirdoes was the first screenplay ever accepted at USD. After graduate school, I returned to teaching, serving as Walthill Public School‘s art and journalism teacher as well as the school’s media relations coordinator until 2005.

I left teaching in 2005 to become a freelance writer, later branching out into technical and literary translation. My writing covers a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from Leonardo daVinci’s contributions to the world to building trebuchets.

In the field of literary translation, I have translated not only contemporary works, like Swiss author Yves E. Patak’s 2012 thriller The Screener, but also two out of the three full-length German to English translations Illuminati source documents as well as Karl Krause’s Higher Spiritualization of the True and Authentic Hieroglyphs of Freemasonry: In Twelve Lodge Lectures. Scheduled to be published by Plumbstone, a Masonic publishing house, Krause’s work moved me to learn more about Freemasonry, and on the night of the 2012 Venus transit, I became a Master Mason.

I am currently collaborating with Josef Waeges and Reinhard Markner on a translation of the complete ritual and doctrine of the Illuminati, which will feature previously unpublished documents.


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