Contact/Speaking Engagements:

Jeva Singh-AnandWho May Contact Me:

Journalists, academics, and persons with a scholarly interest in the Bavarian Illuminati are encouraged to contact me via my business email address:

Fair Warning:

Requests for information on how to join the Illuminati and conspiracy oriented emails (Bilderbergers, 9/11 truth, Trilateral Commission, etc.) will only find their way into my spam folder. Unsolicited commercial emails are regulated by several Federal Agencies.

Speaking Engagements:

As a former high school teacher and corporate trainer with over 15 years experience, I am quite comfortable speaking before audiences. My presentation style is dynamic, informative, and interactive.

I am always happy to speak about a variety of topics, concerning the Bavarian Illuminati, including:

  • The origin of the Illuminati
  • The Illuminati’s stance on esotericism and occult practices
  • The Illuminati and their relationship to Freemasonry
  • Philosophic principles of the Illuminati
  • Illuminati rituals and practices

If you are interest in booking me for a presentation, please feel free to contact me at


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